Coroplast Graphic Boards

graphicboard.jpgWhether it’s indoor advertising for retailers or outdoor advertising for real estate or restaurants, Coroplast’s broad array of graphic product offerings and services can meet your needs.

Coroplast’s white with UV treatment for extended outdoor life is great for use in gas station pole signs.

Product Description

Corrugated Plastic – Coroplast is a lightweight, durable sheet consisting of three parts. The outside facings are manufactured to provide a highly printable graphic surface while the inside core is produced with specifically arranged flutes to provide maximum strength with minimum weight – providing a cost efficient high quality board for your graphic needs:

Product Features

Polypropylene plastic material
Waterproof - great for outdoor and indoor signage
Smooth quality graphics surface - highly printable
Cost efficient - tougher than corrugated fiberboard
Easy to work with - easy to cut or score and fold the material
Recyclable - resin identification code 5
Standard Corona treatment
Creates highly printable graphics surface - chemically binds ink with the board's treated surface
Standard and Custom Cut Offerings
Reduce your scrap and labor costs by buying ready to use pre-cut standard or customized board sizes
Colored Boards
Add some color to your message with Coroplast's offerings of standard colors or customize your advertising by creating your own color.
Coroplast Smooth(TM)
For an extra smooth surface for the highest quality of graphics applications use Coroplast Smooth(TM)
UV inhibitor option
For extended outdoor use
Colorplast's Opaque
For double-sided application when not "seeing through" the signs is an important requirement of the application - go opaque.