VIVAK® Satin

VIVAK is expanding to provide even greater versatility, making it an ideal solution for diverse applications including graphics, POP displays/fixtures, indoor signs and formed parts.


VIVAK® Sheet, a product of Plaskolite, is now available with a non-glare satin finish. VIVAK, a thermoplastic sheet in the PETG family of plastics, features a durable, lightweight construction that allows simple and flexible fabricating, forming and finishing. Now, VIVAK Sheet expands the line to provide even greater versatility, making VIVAK an ideal solution for a wide range of applications including graphics, point-of-purchase displays/fixtures, indoor signs and formed parts.

VIVAK's non-glare satin finish can be printed on the sheet's first or second surface, with excellent adhesion properties for UV or solvent based inks, while delivering a glare-reducing texture. VIVAK, a high quality, specialty copolyester resin material, also boasts greater thermoforming capabilities, design options and impact strength over many traditional display materials. VIVAK can be easily formed with great definition -- even in low temperatures -- and simply fastened. In addition, VIVAK allows easy die cutting, deeper draws and punching for thin gauges and efficient production. Plus, VIVAK boasts greater impact strength and durability than acrylic as well as a high chemical-resistance level, providing a cost-effective, durable display solution. VIVAK Satin Sheet is available in .060" to .236" thickness. Custom gauges, sheet sizes and rolls are available with a minimum order requirement.