ALUCOBOND© naturAL Series

The ultimate cladding solution for achieving the sophisticated tone that your architectural vision demands.

The World's Favorite Aluminum Composite Material


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ALUCOBOND® naturAL surfaces amplify the natural beauty and character of aluminum to enhance the design of your architectural project. The finely textured aluminum surface scatters light for a close-up visual effect, while retaining the look and luster of smooth aluminum from afar. It is the ultimate cladding solution for achieving the sophisticated tone that your architectural vision demands. Now, your entryways, columns and pylons can make a bold statement - without upsetting your budget!

ALUCOBOND® naturAL offers you the same unequaled material properties for which all ALUCOBOND® products are known: extraordinary flatness and rigidity, excellent formability, low weight and outstanding weather resistance.

ALUCOBOND® naturAL is coated with Durabrite C, a clear-coat FEVE that protects the surface, making it easy to clean and care for. Both attractive and ingenious, ALUCOBOND® naturAL is the ideal material for Interior and Exterior Architecture, and just another reason why ALUCOBOND® is the "World’s Favorite Aluminum Composite Material".

Selecting ALUCOBOND® Material for projects which require environmental friendly materials is literally a natural choice. ALUCOBOND® is fully recyclable.


Aluco naturAL Surfaces
Aluco Natural Surfaces


Brushed Line Sparkling
Thickness 4mm
Lengths 122", 146", 196" or custom up to 360"
Widths 50", 60" 50", 60" 50"
Application Interior/Exterior Interior/Exterior Interior


ALUCOBOND® naturAL is available as ALUCOBOND® and ALUCOBOND® plus.

To avoid possible reflection differences, panels must be installed in the same direction as marked on the protective peel-off foil. As experienced with any other metal surfaces, color variations may occur between panels originating from different production batches. Therefore, the total requirement for a project should be placed in one order.