ALUCOBOND© Technical Guide

Alucobond® Material is available in a wide range of options and dimensions that can be tailored to your specific project

The World's Favorite Aluminum Composite Material

Alucobond® is the original ACM (aluminum composite material) and is the preferred architectural cladding for façade and corporate identity applications. Alucobond® Material is available in a wide range of options and dimensions that can be tailored to your specific project. With its hallmark superior flatness, Alucobond® offers an extensive selection of standard and custom finishes that span the color spectrum.


Material Composition

  • Aluminum facings in 0.020" nominal thickness (interior and exterior to ensure flatness)
  • Polyethylene core available in 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm thicknesses (PE)
  • Proprietary fire-resistant core available in 4mm thickness only (Plus)

Panel Widths

  • Standard widths 50" and 62" (coil coated)
  • Standard widths 50" and 60" (anodized)
  • Custom width 40"

Panel Lengths

  • Standard lengths 122", 146", and 196"
  • Custom lengths up to a maximum of 360"

Minimum Bending Radius

  • The minimum bending radius of Alucobond® and Alucobond® Plus without routing the interior skin is 15 times the thickness of the material.


Guided by the most comprehensive technical support team in the industry, Alucobond® maintains constant and rigorous code compliance. From conceptual vision to finished project, the Alucobond® sales and service professionals will guide you through the process.

North American Building Code Acceptance
Alucobond® and Alucobond® Plus are accepted by the following code regulatory bodies:

  • IBC
  • City of New York
  • City of Los Angeles
  • Miami-Dade County Florida
  • National Building Code of Canada (1998)

Material Code Tests
Alucobond® has successfully passed the following tests:

  • ASTM E 84
  • ASTM D1929
  • ASTM D1781
  • NFPA 285 (Alucobond® Plus)
Aluco Technical Guide
Technical Data Alucobond Alucobond Plus
Thickness 3mm 4mm 6mm 4mm Plus
Nominal Weight (lbs/sq.ft) 0.92 1.12 1.59 1.52
Temperature Resistance -55°to 175°F (-50°to 80°C)
Minimum Peel Strength 115 N mm/mm


Alcan Composites proudly partners with the most trusted, proven fabricators and installers in the metal wall panel industry. These experts will transform Alucobond® Material into the cladding system best suited for your design and application. The systems illustrated here are representative of typical attachment methods.

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