MACtac High Performance Car Wrap Vinyl

The IMAGin® JT5900 Bubble Free Digital (B-Free™) Series is the first air egress film in the IMAGin® JT5000 Series of solvent/UV inkjet media.

MACtac®'s new 2.8 mil high performance polymeric vinyl film in its IMAGin® line of digital media. Air egress adhesive system, smooth printing face, low initial tack and 7 year durability are some of the features that make this a premier product. B-Free™’s three-dimensional multi-channeled air egress system allows air release in all directions. This will cut down on application time and can increase profitability.

MACtac®’s smooth face stock has an industry leading blue-white base along with the highest gloss level available. This provides premier brightness and intensity for ultimate color "pop". Additionally, their media typically uses up to 25% less ink than competitors.Due to the initial low tack of the product, B-Free™ is easy to remove from the liner and is extremely re-positionable, which will benefit when dealing with those difficult applications. The tack begins to build within 30 minutes and reaches a permanent bond within 24 hours.

This 7 year product is ideal for demanding applications. It is also cleanly removable with heat for up to 5 years and is backed by a 7 year warranty. Seeing is believing...